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The new Cora®Pleat element is a self-developed product, which is produced in a specifically built production line in Weißenhorn. In this way, Filtertechnik Jäger provides you with products that are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Cora®Pleat filter elements are designed for usage in conventional and widely used bag filter housings. The use of folded filter material and the application of a special design and production method, results in filter elements which not only make the bag filter system considerably more effective, but also decisively improve profitability. Bag filters are characterized by a user-friendly application. The previously known disadvantage of the relatively small available filter area is cancelled by the Cora®Pleat element.

The element is equipped with a much larger FILTER AREA, thus increasing the EFFICIENCY, LIFETIME  and possibly also the PERFORMANCE of an existing filter system. The known comfort of the simple operation and handling of the bag filter system is maintained. With the use of Cora®Pleat elements, a filter system is extremely easily adapted to meet even the most demanding requirements. Conversions, new installations and change of the filter system are avoided or are not necessary.

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Cora®Pleat is available in four versions:

1. Eco - Further information is provided in this brochure >>
2. CPB - Further information is provided in this brochure >>
3. Supra - Further information is provided in this brochure >>
4. Premium

Advantages of CORA®PLEAT:

  • Improves an existing filter system
  • Can be used in common bag filter systems
  • Fits in many standard baskets
  • Absolute retention rate (up to 99%) *
  • Filter areas up to 7.5 m² / element **
  • Wide selection of filter media
  • Easy to use
  • Absolute and nominal retention rate
  • Expands the range of pore sizes
  • Increases existing system performance
  • No new installation required
  • Bypass-free sealing
  • No separate gasket required
  • Thermally welded design
  • Contamination remains on the inside
  • Longer service life reduces operating costs

* Depending on the filter medium and the test conditions

** Depends on the used type of filter.

A homogeneous, fully welded filter element made of one material (polypropylene or polyester) with integrated seal and length compensation for a perfect fit in the basket.

Gefördert durch Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages

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