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Mankind has always been able to learn a lot from nature. It is also an example of a point of reference to us. In our filter fabrics, for example, we have used the model of coral. Corals are living filters that filter out plankton and other substances from seawater - for more than 4000 years. They make the water cleaner by taking tiny particles. Just as corals filter the seawater so our Cora®fleeces filter a wide range of fluids, such as coolants, emulsions, cutting or rolling oils. Cora® - the name of our filter fleece series - is derived from "Coral", the English word for coral. As with the corals, there are different types and designs for our nonwovens - exactly matched to the respective applications. Due to the use of bicomponent fibres, short fibres with a small diameter and a special fibre mixture, we achieve a significantly increased pore volume.

With filter fleeces, production processes can be effectively optimized. As a result of novel fibres with a small diameter, correspondingly dense pore structure, high pore volume / high dirt absorption capacity and correspondingly high air permeability, changing cycles and thus the consumption of the nonwovens are significantly reduced, resulting in lower costs.

Advantages of Cora® nonwovens:

  • Less consumption of nonwovens by better filtration
  • Longer service life of tools, pumps and cooling lubricants
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Less reject rate
  • Improvement of end product quality

In effect: less costs and more work relief.


Material g/m² Pore size Production width
Viscose-Fleece 20 - 60 70 - 170 µm 50 - 2500 mm
Polyester-Spunbond 20 - 100 30 - 200 µm 50 - 2500 mm
Polypropylene-Spunbond 20 - 100 40 - 160 µm 50 - 2500 mm
Polyester-High Performance 40 - 200 5 - 80 µm 50 - 2500 mm


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